1. What if I am interested in donating my sperm?

2. Is sperm banking an expensive process?

3. Can my semen be contaminated by other specimens in the tank? 

4. How do I know that my specimen will not be confused or mixed up with another? 

5. Does insemination with thawed sperm increase the likelihood of having an abnormal child?

6. How long can you effectively keep my sperm frozen?

7. Is there a minimum quantity that makes it worthwhile to freeze sperm?

8. How do I know that my sperm is viable and worth banking?

9. How is the sperm actually frozen?

10. What is the process I will have to go through to bank my sperm?

11. Should I consider sperm banking?

12. What is cryopreservation and what is a sperm cryobank?

13. How will my specimens be used? 

14. Can I bank sperm if I have Hepatitis or HIV?

15. How long should I store my sperm? 

16. How do I find and choose a sperm donor?