There are many reasons why a man may consider to bank his sperm. These reasons may include:

  • They are about to undergo a procedure such as prostate surgery, or about to take medications, which could affect their sperm production — such as chemotherapy or radiation as part of a cancer treatment.
  • A medical condition which is beginning to affect their ability to ejaculate, such as MS or diabetes.
  • They are about to undergo a vasectomy, yet still want the option to have kids later on.
  • They may want to delay fatherhood until later in life which would affect the quality of their sperm. 
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Whatever your reason for cryobanking, do your research to make sure the bank you choose ensures the safety of your specimens, has the clinical expertise to assesses the quality of your sperm and recommend the volume to store, and is conveniently located in case multiple visits are required.

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